Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Who / what inspires me?

I following a LOT of blogs, but my main inspiration comes from an engagement and wedding photographer based in Orange County, LA.  Her name is Jasmine Star.

Jasmine's images are stunning and I love how her editing style is very modern and natural.  Not only is Jasmine's images my source of inspiration, she shares her knowledge and of her journey of becoming a photographer on her blog along with helpful articles of what she has learnt along the way including equipment, posing, how she shoots, etc.

For children's portraits, I love Skye Johansen of  Skye Johansen Photography.  I love the colours and the creamy tones of her images.

Another source of inspiration is definitely Pinterest, however as of late I haven't been on this very much at all but it is fantastic for me to get inspiration for posing, locations, etc.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP & Learning

In our last week of before the holiday break, we practiced with some silouette lighting - both light and dark silhouetting, below are a couple of the images from that class.

One of our assessment we were to do for our Thursday night class was to create a storyboard and submitting 6 images in the form of a slideshow.  I was deciding between a flower from being a bud to opening to a bloom over a week or so.  The other idea was of my daughter getting herself ready to go to dance lessons, which was the one I decided to go with.  My images are below:-

I finally got my speedlight out to have a bit of practice with over the weekend and took some photos of my son.  He was sitting in front of a white paper backdrop with a large window beside him and I fired my speedlite at a very low setting (I most likely did not even need to use it) and it was pointing toward the ceiling.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Learning & WIP - Week 15


Ok here is my first instalment for an update as to what we have been learning and any works in progress!

As we did not have Tuesday night at Tafe this week, those from the class who were able to attended Jacqui Dean's opening exhibition in Sydney.  And it was a really great night.  Her images were stunning, almost drawing like and I was glad and privileged to attend.

So the week before we were doing more lighting on the Tuesday which was light / dark lighting and it was a lot of fun.  Below are three of the images we took.


During this month I was asked by a relative if I could take some shots for a product.  It was a stainless steel travel mug and as I have never done this before I was quite stressed about how to achieve what they were wanting but after many attempts got some shots that they liked and are apparently are going to use.  To my benefit I am now the owner of a speed light, studio lights and a new tripod (all in one day) - I do have an awesome hubby.

Here is one of the shots.  I have blurred out the brand.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Whois Christian Fletcher - Tafe

In this activity we were asked to do a Whois on Christian Fletcher.

On the Whois website the information it provides is that the domain name '' is not available to purchase as it is already owned by Christian Fletcher Photo Images.  The domain name was last registered in February 2013 in Western Australia.

Whois also shows that even though the domain name '' is not available, the name 'christianfletcher' with other extensions are.  These other domain names are:,, and

Whois also provides other alternative suggestions to a reader you may think may be suitable for the domain name such as:,,,, just to name a few.

Christian Fletcher is based in Western Australia and a has been a professional photographer for the past 20 year specialising in landscape photography.  He runs workshops, has three galleries based in Western Australia and features hundreds of images on his site for sale in a variety of formats including books, mounts, cards, coasters, DVDs.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Cluster 5 | Tafe

1.  What are the pros & cons of joining as a student member to the AIPP & ACMP?

AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photographers


* The AIPP is a large community where people can network and learn from each other.
* Attend AIPP seminars and workshops at discounted prices.
* Access resouces including example business forms such as contracts and documents.
* Enter assessment awards to help you improve in your photography.
* Be offered discounted products and services from AIPP trade partners.
* Receive electronic copies of AIPP and industry specific publications and magazines.
* The membership fee is only $75 which I do not believe is expensive for the information you will receive from this site.


I don't see any cons with joining as a student member.

ACMP - Australian Commercial and Media Photographers


It offers a free subscription to Capture Magazine and monthly electronic newsletters with association and industry news.
A free copy of the 'Better Business Bible' is offered.
It provides you with documentation about the promotion of best practice.
Discounts are given on marketing software, VW car purchases, Adobe software, insurance for members, workshops & seminars and industry social events.
It also offers special subscription rates for magazines, Photoreview online and PDN.


As a student member, unlike the other some of the other memberships, you do not get access to certain parts of the site including access to videos of recent seminars and access to the member online forum.

It is also nearly double the price to join as a student as what it is to join the AIPP.

2.  Who are PICA and PMA and what do they do for the photo imaging industry?

PICA (who is now known as IDEA Australia (Imaging & Digital Entertainment Association) and PMA are both national 'not for profit' organisations that help in the further development of the photo imaging community by obtaining new information on marketing and promoting new products, new technologies of the industry, educational programs, lobbying, marketing research, importing, publications, trade shows and distributing statistics.

Are they deemed an important part of our industry?

Yes these two organisations are important to the industry as they both promote the growth of the industry through information on new advances, educating its members and by helping to protect the industry by ensuring adequate legislation is in place.

What information can I get from them?

PICA (now IDEA Australia) offers:

*  Industry links including organisations such as the AIPP, ACMP, Australian Photographic Society and the Australian Copyright Council.
* Research and statistics from previous years.
* Classifieds which include advertisements for jobs, equipment, studio / office space available and business opportunities.
* A calendar of events taking place throughout the year and direct links to the websites.
* A free newsletter offering weekly news and industry updates.
* A list of IDEA's national association of companies and a direct link to their websites including Canon, Nikon, AsukaBook and Yaffa media company to name a few.

PMA offers:

* Links to previous media.
* Information on Code of Practice.
* Links to information for small business.
* Dates of conferences / exhibitions.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Best Face of 2012

I took this photo of my 5 year old in October.  I love this photo of her.  Her eyes are truly so clean and bright all the time, they amaze me!

Photo Challenge Submission