Friday, May 24, 2013

Whois Christian Fletcher - Tafe

In this activity we were asked to do a Whois on Christian Fletcher.

On the Whois website the information it provides is that the domain name '' is not available to purchase as it is already owned by Christian Fletcher Photo Images.  The domain name was last registered in February 2013 in Western Australia.

Whois also shows that even though the domain name '' is not available, the name 'christianfletcher' with other extensions are.  These other domain names are:,, and

Whois also provides other alternative suggestions to a reader you may think may be suitable for the domain name such as:,,,, just to name a few.

Christian Fletcher is based in Western Australia and a has been a professional photographer for the past 20 year specialising in landscape photography.  He runs workshops, has three galleries based in Western Australia and features hundreds of images on his site for sale in a variety of formats including books, mounts, cards, coasters, DVDs.


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