Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Who / what inspires me?

I following a LOT of blogs, but my main inspiration comes from an engagement and wedding photographer based in Orange County, LA.  Her name is Jasmine Star.

Jasmine's images are stunning and I love how her editing style is very modern and natural.  Not only is Jasmine's images my source of inspiration, she shares her knowledge and of her journey of becoming a photographer on her blog along with helpful articles of what she has learnt along the way including equipment, posing, how she shoots, etc.

For children's portraits, I love Skye Johansen of  Skye Johansen Photography.  I love the colours and the creamy tones of her images.

Another source of inspiration is definitely Pinterest, however as of late I haven't been on this very much at all but it is fantastic for me to get inspiration for posing, locations, etc.