Sunday, June 2, 2013

Learning & WIP - Week 15


Ok here is my first instalment for an update as to what we have been learning and any works in progress!

As we did not have Tuesday night at Tafe this week, those from the class who were able to attended Jacqui Dean's opening exhibition in Sydney.  And it was a really great night.  Her images were stunning, almost drawing like and I was glad and privileged to attend.

So the week before we were doing more lighting on the Tuesday which was light / dark lighting and it was a lot of fun.  Below are three of the images we took.


During this month I was asked by a relative if I could take some shots for a product.  It was a stainless steel travel mug and as I have never done this before I was quite stressed about how to achieve what they were wanting but after many attempts got some shots that they liked and are apparently are going to use.  To my benefit I am now the owner of a speed light, studio lights and a new tripod (all in one day) - I do have an awesome hubby.

Here is one of the shots.  I have blurred out the brand.

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