Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP & Learning

In our last week of before the holiday break, we practiced with some silouette lighting - both light and dark silhouetting, below are a couple of the images from that class.

One of our assessment we were to do for our Thursday night class was to create a storyboard and submitting 6 images in the form of a slideshow.  I was deciding between a flower from being a bud to opening to a bloom over a week or so.  The other idea was of my daughter getting herself ready to go to dance lessons, which was the one I decided to go with.  My images are below:-

I finally got my speedlight out to have a bit of practice with over the weekend and took some photos of my son.  He was sitting in front of a white paper backdrop with a large window beside him and I fired my speedlite at a very low setting (I most likely did not even need to use it) and it was pointing toward the ceiling.

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