Sunday, April 29, 2012

[School Holiday Snapshot]

I'm not a great writer so don't mind me I find it difficult to jot things down, so I will share a picture taken of my son during the Easter school holidays.  His little sister feel asleep in the car and we jumped at the chance while she was snoozing to take a few minutes of photos.

Just as I got out of the car to get my setting rights, yep it started to sprinkler with rain.  This photo I was up a lot higher than he was so he was most likely getting rain in his eyes...such a trooper.  Love u xx

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P.S to the head blogger people, you need more fonts, 7 fonts is not enough I need a bit of variety!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

[ Ta Da! Photos from my new addition ]

Since we had a public holiday on Wednesday due to Anzac Day I asked the kids if they would come out to take some pictures with me and my new camera.  I was given the replies 'yes', so I jumped at the chance.

Amongst all the silly pictures that I got, I did manage to capture some ones that I really love.

Here are a couple of their goofy ones, Miss C could not stop laughing (not sure what about, she went a little crazy for a bit before she decided she had had enough for a while and put her cranky pants on!  She can be a high maintenance gal!