Friday, October 29, 2010

[ My how kids can surprise you ]

My 7 year old son, C, overheard me saying how I really like some roses in my parents garden.  So he teed up his nan to buy me a vase and his poppy to cut some roses from the garden while I was out.....and here is my, so sweet

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

{ Fix It Friday #68 }

I thought I would have another go at FIF.  What a beautiful photo this was...  Just a reminder that it is not my photo.  Here is the original

Edit 1 - I rotated the photo to 7 degrees to the left then cropped it.  All I did on this edit was altered the colour curves and then added a texture as a multiply mode and then lowered it opacity.

Edit 2 - as per edit 1 I rotated the photo to 7 degrees to the the left then cropped.  I used Nelly Nero Classic B&W action on this photo and unshaped mask.

Edit 3 - I rotated 4 degrees to the left and just used a colour layer of light pink over the top and lowered it opacity.

Edit 4 - rotated photo again by 7 degrees to the left then cropped down just above her hands so that only her legs were in the photo.  I used on this edit the PW Heartland action and lowered it opacity (love this action).

To see more edits, head on over to...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

{ My Little Boy turned 7.... }

Well he's not so little cheeky son turned 7 last week and wow time just goes too fast.

He got his DS that he wanted (after dropping his first one in the toilet, LOL) he got a few more bits and pieces but not too much as we are saving for Disneyland next year.  We can't wait its gonna be FUN.

We had a great night eating pizza with his aunty, uncle and cousins and then there was more fun to be had playing in the playzone centre at our local rugby club.

Wow our boy is growing tooooo fast  :-(  Sometimes I wish we could just bottle them so they stay young forever.  Here is a couple of pics from his birthday

Sunday, August 1, 2010

{ Fix It Friday #64}

My first ever 'Fix it Friday' on I heart faces.  A beautiful photo supplied, which I did two edits on.  Hope I'm not too late for it, but will enter anyway.  To view more gorgeous edits head on over to.....

My edits are....

No 1

I opened the SOOC into Lightroom that I have downloaded a trial of and basically upped the brightness, played a litte with the tone curve, pulled the reds down a little so she didn't look too pink and made the blues pop a little so that her eyes would be bright.  I also cropped very slightly to the side and bottom of the photo.

No 2

Edit to is exactly the same as edit 1 but I then opned up in PE7 and ran Nelly Neros action of Grunge B & W.  I just took off the added shapeness that it added so it would have a more natural look.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{ Wow, What a giveway! }

Hey any photogs that may pass though here check out for a fantastic double giveaway including actions and a fantastic workbook from the talented Skye Hardwick who you can find at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[ Happy Birthday Princess ]

During the week our little princcess turned 3.  She is certainly one little girl that knows what she wants and doesn't want.  Everything has to be pink, she has to have elastics in her hair almost all of the time, loves dress up shoes, loves dress and everything girly.

But boy oh boy can she have attitude and oh so stubburn, it makes us laugh.  She has so much more attitude than her bigger brother but that makes her her.

Sweet priness you light up our loves, we love you.  Happy birthday baby girl xxx

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[ Photography ]

I am in love with photography. All my life I have wanted to be arty/crafty but just can't find the way to express it - not a great drawer, didn't do too great at art in high school, not great at interior decorating, can't paint (only changing the colour of my paint in the house!) get the picture. I have finally find somthing I think I will be able to produce something good, maybe even great! Who knows. I have always loved looking at photos, new or old.

I have come across so many photographer blogs on the net, so so inspiring. I only hope to be able to produce such beautiful work they achieve.

I am hoping to put into a (hopefully) 5 year plan where I will enrol in courses and further my knnowledge. In the meantime my first attempt is learning through a small group of women via and flick. Our first lesson was composition, here is my entry....

Cute :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some holiday pics

Finally here is a shot from our recent camping trip, grr can't seem to upload more than 1, will keep trying. We had such beautiful weather, it is so scenic...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

South West Rocks rocks!!

Just returned from a great week away at South West Rocks in northern NSW. Went up with some friends and their kids. The kids had a fantastic week and what a gorgeous place, very scenic, got some really great pics. Will post some shortly once they are downloaded and hopefully edited a little. Only thing is its a 6 hour drive, so on the return it felt like the freeway was NEVER going to end!!!!

Just a short note to start, new to this - love, love blogs and I have some favourites that I love to check on regularly. So starting out on something simple and will be back to post some pics.