Friday, February 18, 2011

[ Valentines Day ]

I know its a little bit late but hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day.

It is not so much celebrated in our house, so this year needing to express a little bit of creativity I decided to give our house a little bit of Valentines Day spirit.  So hanging over our dining table is a collage of hearts - courtesy of   I stuck them to cardboard and hung them with some polystring I picked up from the newsagents.  They are hung from the ceiling with some clears hooks I bought from Woolworths which can come off without taking the paint off.

The two candy jars are filled with marshmallows and kit kats - a new little love I have at the moment are candy jars. 

Here are some pics I took after the kids were being dropped off at school by their dad and I was getting ready for work.

Take care, L

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