Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[ Photography ]

I am in love with photography. All my life I have wanted to be arty/crafty but just can't find the way to express it - not a great drawer, didn't do too great at art in high school, not great at interior decorating, can't paint (only changing the colour of my paint in the house!) get the picture. I have finally find somthing I think I will be able to produce something good, maybe even great! Who knows. I have always loved looking at photos, new or old.

I have come across so many photographer blogs on the net, so so inspiring. I only hope to be able to produce such beautiful work they achieve.

I am hoping to put into a (hopefully) 5 year plan where I will enrol in courses and further my knnowledge. In the meantime my first attempt is learning through a small group of women via and flick. Our first lesson was composition, here is my entry....

Cute :-)

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